Ciska’s Specialism


Through my Guides, TARANA, INRI and MAHMET ALI I can -with pictures too- provide you with deep insights in your personal (relational) problems.  I’m a Trance-Medium,  so the possibility exists to address your questions directly to your Personal  Guides, who’ll provide the answers through me.

COMMUNICATING with your deceased friends/family members, my guides enable me to do so.

a discarnated Indian Guide, MAHMET ALI,  guides me herein, and will give insight on the backgrounds regarding the specific problems, especially the psychological sides. This is possible by applying MAGNETISING and REIKI (I’m REIKI Master).



A combination of palmistry and card-reading may also serve to clarify all sorts of things.  I use our own European oracle system, primarily the RUNIC-, but also the LENORMAND cards. Answering questions through the cards can be very useful and effective when specific questions are put forward (although this isn’t a must). We can think here of relational and personal issues, also in regard to growth-processes.