We, Ciska & Raymond can use our many years of experience in the paranormal field to the utmost to help you with all sorts of issues,  like love/relational ones, your own growth process and spiritual development,  focusing on your own extrasensory abilities, but also business and financial matters.  We will use plenty of time for a consultation, and visiting us multiple times is possible. The tariff for a short session (about 30min.)  is  €40,-, but a longer (about 2.5h) session will often be more effective, and will give more insight (base tariff 80,-)


We can work as a team, and may provide an interesting addition to your organisations’ (party) event. We do have much experience to a  ‘lighter’ approach and usage of our various specialties in the mentioned subjects below. We have the capability to utilize the large amount of information,  being provided through palmistry, card reading and astrology, and explain in shortened form -without deleting the essentials- and in an understanding manner. As we work together simultaneously, we can handle more people within a given amount of time.


Organizing a small party at your place? Let us read your guests’ hands, let them shuffle our cards, or tell them something on their horoscopes, or hand them a message from their Guides, we can enhance the success of your party, put a ‘special flavor’ on it.

Below short info on our skills:


Using the ancient (European) oracle RUNIC cards (to be shuffled by the person himself!) the cards may yield deep insights in subconscious motives/reasons. These insights can be very useful in tackling important issues/decision makings in life. The many lines and features, visible in the hands, provide insight in one’s character and personality, leading to better understanding and/or acceptance. Emphasis can be applied to STRONGER and WEAKER sides, and possibilities regarding emotional/relational issues.


Using the birth data (time/date/place) a horoscope chart can be made very quickly, and this chart divulges the LIFE’s MISSION, and the ‘box of tools’ to learn this lesson, as well as many other interesting things, time-directions, trends may also be gleaned from the chart. (For numerological horoscopes birth time not needed!)


Going into a different state of consciousness, Ciska can establish contact with other realities, and provide -with the help of her Guides- much information about a person’s life, and his/her problems.

You can reach us by phone 070-3625889 or 06-2468-1224  (We speak English too)