Raymond’s specialism



Using only your full name and birth-date, the numeroscope gives a complete analysis of your character and abilities. You receive about 22 pages of text, compiling many viewpoints, that gives a detailed description of your individual self. Added to this are 6 months of your biorhythms.







Answers to many questions will be given by your astrological horoscope. The explanation will be given in writing (about 26 pages). This text can describe the actual birth-chart, but trends and prediction are also possible, and may be linked to specific issues (relationships?)-if asked for. Six months of your personal biorhythms will be included. A horoscope can -combined with a channeling from Ciska- be very enhancing to your life’s process(es). My intuitive approach to the chart-interpretation works quite well…

                                                       PALMISTRY & CARDREADING 


A combination of palmistry and card-reading may also serve to clarify all sorts of things.  I use our own European oracle system, primarily the RUNIC cards. Answering questions through the cards can be very useful and effective when specific questions are put forward (although this isn’t a must). We can think here of relational and personal issues,  also in regard to growth-processes.