About Ciska

Ciska was born on Nov. 12, 1957, in Apeldoorn. She was born in a Christian family. As her father was administrator in the military, she often had to move, thus she lived in several locations in Holland and Germany. After secondary school and social academy, she has taken courses for doctor’s assistant, weight-counselor, and natural healing.

She has been psychic all her life. As a child she heard a voice in her head, which she could ask anything. Regarding her Christian upbringing she assumed this to be God.  Always she got answers, that helped her a lot.  She was very sensitive too, and as a 5 year old girl,  she quickly foresaw upcoming difficulties.  As she was not able to handle this at first she shut it out of her system. The inner voice, however, remained.  She always kept an open line to other dimensions.
After a regression therapy at 27 years of age, her inner sensitivity returned and communication with her Guides became stronger.

Through automatic writing she’s written a few books.  She occupied herself with palmistry, card- and photo reading, contact with deceased persons and healing. At first one of her guides taught her how to heal and she became a Reiki Master in 2003.