Healing tips

You can heal yourself!

‘You can heal yourself’. A thing you hear so often! But, what does it really mean? That you don’t need other people anymore because you can do it all alone? Don’t get this wrong! Asking for help is also healing yourself!
These words mean only that you’re wholly responsible for your own illnesses and the healing of them. It doesn’t imply that you should not ask someone to be of assistance. Even that is your own responsibility. It’s your own choice!
A healer can’t heal you -you must do that! A healer can help you though, to find the causes of your complaints, defects, help you to conquer blockages and provide you with energy to help you heal yourself.
Advice from the healer and/or his Guides may gain you insight in the reasons behind the defects. Standing behind your intention to get better, will be healing. Then you’ll heal yourself!
Important here is to get to know your own Self, and listen to it. Your Inner Self knows the cause of the illness, and the way out of it. A trusted healer will provide help here, and ask for your own views on the problems. Gaining more insight here will bring you closer to your Inner Self, which is what you feel deep inside of you! Learn to listen to that Inner Voice!

Some exercises to ground yourself:

  • Stand  right  up;  push your pelvis backwards,  and drop  a  bit through your knees.
  • Place your feet flat on the ground,  with a small space  between  them, about 1 foot.
  • Concentrate on your pelvis.
  • Let energy flow into your legs;  they’ll become heavier and feel ‘glued’ to the ground.
  • Now,  let the energy flow into the right leg first,  and put all body weight onto it.
  • Repeat this, but now for the LEFT leg.
  • Repeat this several times,  and finish with your weight  equally distributed over both legs, feet firmly on the ground.
  • Feel the contact with the earth.

Light  exercise  to get to know your  central  being  and  become able to protect yourself.

  • Place yourself in the center of an imagined bowl of light;  feel the rest and peace around you.

Exercise to enhance that protection.

  • Sit down on a chair, and relax.
  • Now,  from the tailbone, visualize a connection to the center of  the earth.
  • Then FEEL the connection you make, with that core.
  • If desired,  you can let dirtied energies flow through that connection back into the earth
  • Now, drop your most lovely flowers all around you.
  • They’ll fall right around the edges of your aura. You’ll be able now to SEE your aura’s boundaries.
  • Place a box inside of your aura, and put all negative  energies into it, that were still left inside of you.
  • Now, put that box beyond your aura.
  • Then,  take a look whether they’re people in your aura, that you want out of the aura.
  • If yes, then put them lovingly outside.
  • You’ve cleaned yourself now…..
  • Make the aura’s boundary from a white or violet light.
  • Try to visualize and/or feel that.
  • If that proves difficult,  then just imagine it,  and believe it to be so.
  • Harden and thicken the aura’s boundary.
  • Now,  realize that ONLY those things that YOU allow,  may  ENTER your aura.
  • You’ve completed your protective fields now.
  • Move your limbs,  then the rest of your body, and open your eyes again